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FEAR and LOATHING have shifted the majority of their promotions over to Facebook. Please click the badge in the sidebar to visit and catch up on gigs, news, photos and more. This page remains as a redirection and link sharer, and a homage to one of the greatest bands to come out of Adelaide, South Australia.

The photographs are by photographer extraordinaire, Darren Weinert.

People We Like

Including but not limited to the following wonderful folk:


It was October in the year 1981 and three friends were conspiring to form a now legendary band. Harry Butler and Agravaine McLachlan (both formerly from the band VOID) and one Mr Chris Wiley (lighting technician for Agent Orange) disillusioned by the state of the alternative music scene at the time, decided to conduct a series of rehearsals inspired by early British and American punk music (mainly wanting to sound like Discharge). After months of practice they managed to acquire a 2nd guitarist in Feb. '82... unfortunately he only lasted a month, which left F.A.L. as a three piece again until June '83. In July '89 F.A.L. managed to kidnap yet another soul who strayed too close to the band, by the name of Terry Rowe, he was young and impressionable, which meant that he was the perfect choice to become the best Drummer Australia has ever seen. Chris took over the main Vocal duties as well as playing Lead Guitar.

In the late 90s, Jess Fisher was recruited to play Didge & Harp for the band, and Tim Jarrett joined as one of the most colorful members F.A.L. has ever had. After 3 years, Tim and band parted company, leaving Jess to take over on Vocals. But Jess was taken from the band soon afterwards to study.

After a legion of line-up changes and several audio releases on cassette, vinyl and CD, FEAR AND LOATHING remained a 4 piece with Chris singing until Jess returned 5 years later in early 2007 to rejoin the band. So this is where we are over 30 years later...

Jess Fisher - Vocals/Mad Monkey
Chris Wiley - Vocals/Lead Guitar
Hermann Lauss - Bass
Terry Rowe - Drums


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