Historical Clothing

  • A History of Clothing and Accessories from 1150 - 1250 AD.
  • A note on the papers: I wrote these first in 1998. That's a long time in real world time, let alone internet time. I have been enormously gratified to recieve emails from all over the world in the last month about the papers and discussions with people have led me to update this site and the resources I can present for the historian and historic reeanactor. As well as the papers I authored which form the core of this resource, I have added to it photographic images of primary sources, photographs of reenactor recreations of period clothing, a list of the books that are available as e-books for free viewing online that I used in my research, some online links of interest and a couple of news report texts. I will periodically add to these resources as I come across more things. For the moment, I consider this page to be one of the best for the 12th and 13th century costume historian and reenactor. I say this with no false modesty, I am enormously proud of what I have researched and the many things I have found that I am able to share with interested individuals. I hope you enjoy the resources as much as I did and do please check back regularly for additions and updates.
    -- Star, Site owner, June 2008.

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    This paper was originally published in the Melbourne Historical Journal in 1998 and contains an indepth look at the clothing, accessories, textiles, dyes and manufacture of the period 1150 - 1250 AD. It was also quoted in the TNT produced "A Century of Women," looking back at the medieval period in history. This paper contains an extensive bibliography, containing primary, secondary and tertiary sources.

  • Gallery of Source Images.
  • Extant examples of clothing from 1150-1250. Hi-res images
    Re-enactor made historic garb 1150-1250 and on.

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  • Resources: online books for your perusal and download; online source links; news report texts.
    Scribd embeded of out of print "Medieval Finds From Excavations in London - Textiles and Clothing" by Elisabeth Crowfoot. *INVALUABLE* resource for reenactors of the period 1150-1450 AD. *Linked January 2011.*